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    Hand Crafted Brews

Latest Brews

01 | Pils De Resistance

~ 4.8% abv, 29 ibu - Lager fermented at near freezing temperatures, using one of our favorite house yeasts, this delicate pale straw lager, has a wonderfully bready floral nose, and a crisp, clean dry finish.

02 | The Wit Album (Track 4)

~ 5.1%, 17 ibu - A cloudy pale yellow, with a spicy, bubblegum, banana, and citrus aroma, leading to a slightly sweet, earthy, clove and vanilla finish. Finish hopped with Cascade for a more west coast citrusy finish.

03 | The Koln Concert

~ 4.9% abv, 29 ibu - The Köln Concert is a recording by the pianist Keith Jarrett of solo piano improvisations performed at the Cologne Opera House. Our Kolsch like the performance is skillfully crafted but with the creative freedoms of improvisation. This crisp, clean, and balanced beer, has a refreshing tangy finish.

04 | Daily Wages

~ 6.7%, 34 ibu - A refreshing straw colored ale, traditionally brewed to serve peasant farmhands in Wallonia. An authentic Saison, wih herbal aroma, crisp carbonation, and slightly hint of spice. Fermented with a northern French yeast strain, and dry hopped with one of our favorite lesser known west coast hops.

05 | White Steam

~ 5.2% abv, 40 ibu - Our house proprietary style hybrid ale, created here at Brasserie. It is the combination of using our Belgian Witbier grain bill, upping the hops, and fermenting in the manner of a California Common or steam beer. A hazy straw colored brew, complex, fruity, and refreshing.

06 | California Steamin’

~ 5.5% abv, 39 ibu - A warmer temperature lager with it’s origins in the California gold rush. Warmer fermentation, gives it more mouthfeel and a slightly fruity finish. We use four different hops for bittering, flavor, and aroma. A uniquely complex grain bill, and a pilsner base malt, give a clean, sharp, and crisp finish.

07 | Sophia D’oren

~ 6.69% abv, 22 ibu - Named after that pretty Italian actress. High temperature and open fermentation lends a slightly tart aroma of lemongrass,and coriander, leading into a complex palate of citrus and dark fruit, with a slightly dry tart finish.

08 | The Third Man

~ 8.4% abv, 25ibu - A style originating at Trappist Westmalle this strong golden ale, is a bright straw color, with a slight chill haze. The delicate spicy Belgian nose and bready, floral, dry finish, nicely mask the alcohol.

09 | Red Headed Stranger

~ 7.4% abv, 17 ibu - Open fermented with our house Belgian yeast strain, this Red farmhouse ale has a delicate malt backbone, hints of citrus, with a peppery spiced finish that nicely mask the abv.

10 | Hopalong Cassidy

~ 8.3% abv, 100 IBU - Bright golden/copper with a sizeable rocky white head, this beer packs a hop wallop of citrus and grapefruit, but is balanced out nicely by a nutty, caramel, malt finish.

11 | Jamison’s Station

~ 5.7% abv, 27 ibu - A dark opaque brown near black, this sessionable Porter has a delicate hop bitterness, light roasty coffee notes, and a smooth chocolate finish.

12 | Moonlight Matinee (ESP)

~ 5.6% abv, 41 ibu - An homage to one of our favorite local bands, and in the style of the great English extra special bitters, this pale slightly amber ale offers a earthy, floral, fruity nose, and a complex finish of strawberries and leather. Wet-hopped with organic Centennial, picked the same day.

  • Our goal is to show the whole spectrum of beer, its history, and its evolution. To show beer its proper reverence, as not only “The people’s beverage”, but one that pairs as well with food as wine, and when it’s skillfully crafted and not over hopped to hide the flaws in production, it does.

  • The truth is, it takes more skill to make a delicate lager, than a double IPA. You would be hard pressed to find anyone more passionate and knowledgeable about beer than Art and the Watterson brothers. We look forward to sharing our love of beer and food with you. After all, it takes great beer to wash down great food!

It's all about the beer

An old world style craft brewery and restaurant. Located in the historic Crystal Springs building in Reno, NV, We are committed to finding and using the best and highest quality ingredients and products out there.

We make delicious beer

  • Grain
  • Hops
  • Yeast
  • Water

Our Grain

We are one of the only breweries in the country who use Pilsner Malt as our base malt.  It’s an investment but we believe it delivers a more delicate flavor profile than a base 2-row or pale malt, which are more commonly used.

Our Hops

After trying multiple options from several suppliers, we decided on a small family hop farm in Sonoma Valley. In our opinion, their certified organic hops are some of the best in the country.

Our Water

We are proud to use Sierra Mountain Spring water, from our own artisan lake located 285 feet below our historic icehouse.

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An old world style craft brewery and restaurant. Located in the historic Crystal Springs building in Reno, NV, We are committed to finding and using the best and highest quality ingredients and products out there.

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